$ 200,000 bail for man accused of child sexual abuse

Missoula man Jordan Daniel, 23, is held in Missoula County Jail on $ 200,000 bail after being charged Friday by Missoula court with two counts of child sexual abuse .

According to court documents, during a “needling” operation, a police detective posed as a 13-year-old “Jane Doe” and the accused came forward to “visit her.” At a predetermined location with candy, lingerie and other items, including marijuana.

During his court appearance on Friday, Deputy County District Attorney Eric Owens asked Judge Landee Holloway to hold Daniel on $ 100,000 bond.

“The state is asking the court to set the bond in the amount of $ 100,000,” Owens said. “These are extremely serious offenses with equally serious and worrying allegations. This type of conduct presents a significant danger to the community. The defendant in this case is accused of attempting to have sex with an alleged 13-year-old child. When confronted with these explicit text conversations, he admitted to thinking this person was 13 years old.

Owens continued his presentation to Judge Holloway.

“He admitted to buying drugs he intended to give to the apparently 13-year-old,” he said. “These types of crimes and this kind of conduct attack a fairly vulnerable part of our community, and they are extremely difficult to detect, Your Honor. Also, I’m not sure what conditions could be put in place to mitigate this type of behavior enough. There is no real condition the court could impose unless he was willing to search his residence every day and make sure he had not purchased a new phone or device capable of connect to the Internet.

Judge Holloway then doubled the amount of the bail requested by the state,

“So, Mr. Daniel, the allegations are of great concern and I think there is a significant risk here, and I will set a bond in the amount of $ 200,000,” Justice Holloway said. “The conditions for your release are that you obey all laws, attend court appearances, and keep in touch with your lawyer. Make sure your contact details are up to date with your lawyer and the court through pre-trial supervision.

Daniel was returned to Missoula County Jail on $ 200,000 bail.

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