Beginner’s Tips for Death’s Gambit: Afterlife

Gambit of Death debuted in 2018, and now Life after death made its way to the Nintendo Switch and the PC. This version is not a remaster, but rather an expansion with the original game that came with it. The bet of death: the afterlife It’s also the first time the game will be seen on Switch, which is a big hook for this re-release. The story centers on Sorun who was killed with his men in a fierce battle.

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Death has other ideas for Sorun so he revives him to do whatever he wants. Sorun isn’t exactly cool with it and doesn’t fully trust Death. Who would be? Death is certainly a trickster in most forms of media. This is the basic principle other than calling it a 2D Dark souls-type game with difficulty as hard as nails. Now let’s get into some more facts about this reissue, as well as some helpful tips to get started on the adventure.

Understand the courses

The Death's Gambit Afterlife class system

The game opens with players being able to choose a class. A class is defined by its weapon, and they all have advantages. There are daggers, swords, a magic tome, spears, etc. A good beginner weapon to choose would be the spear. These weapons give players a good range and they are strong. The downside is that they can be slow.

Tomes offer good range but are less powerful. Players should be aware that all of these weapons can be equipped by any class. Again, classes are just builds for getting the most out of weapons with starting stats much like action-packed ones. Dark souls Games. If players choose the daggers and hate them, they can easily switch to a sword, or whatever.

Understand the principles of Metroidvania

Explore the world in Death's Gambit Afterlife

The bet of death: the afterlife has a lot in common with the Souls series but it is also heavily inspired by Metroidvanias. Players will gain abilities that can help them reach new areas. One of the first abilities they can get is the Air Dash. Additionally, there are various keys and other items that can unlock new paths.

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The best part about this open-ended Metroidvania gameplay is that it gives people a variety of paths to go in any order. If one area is too difficult, there are others to explore instead. Do not be discouraged. It’s also a good idea to take notes whenever an article seems out of reach. This will make it easier to go back rather than relying on old human memory banks.

Gasoline tips

The central world of Death's Gambit Afterlife

Instead of collecting souls, players win gasoline enemies. The name doesn’t matter as this currency is used to increase Sorun’s level. They are also the currency for purchasing abilities or items from vendors. The first tip when it comes to gasoline spending is not to buy anything throwaway. It will be a waste of gasoline. It is also not recommended to buy equipment because the monsters fall a lot.

The best gear can often be found through drops or with hidden chests. Rather, players should focus on leveling up stats that they feel will best complement their class builds.. Vitality, strength and endurance are of course vital for any build. It is universal in most Souls-like games. If an ability looks really good, it’s the only other thing worth spending precious gasoline.

Agriculture for articles

Fight enemies in Death's Gambit Afterlife

The first zone is a great place to farm items and essence. It’s not too difficult either. The rate of fall appears to be very high. In addition, there is a dragon lying around. If players are hiding under structures, they will be safe from fire, but not enemies. They’re pretty much lined up for the kill.

The good thing about it is that the essence will still be collected even with the dragon kills. It’s like a little unsolicited teamwork. Just loop from that upper save point all the way around. Do this a dozen or more times and players should have a good head start on becoming the best Death Soldier.

Reinforcement equipment

Fight a boss in Death's Gambit Afterlife

Making this loop at the start of the game should allow players to stock up on various equipment. It might seem silly to stock up on forty pairs of the same boot, for example, but they all have value in their own way. Eventually, players will meet and release the Zuma NPC shortly after their arrival in the hub city.

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Zuma can break down items and turn them into Crafting Stones which are used to upgrade weapons and armor. Upgrading equipment only costs materials and not gas points, thankfully. Upgrade stores in typical RPGs usually cost hardware and money, so this is a positive change for The bet of death: the afterlife.

What you lose in death

Explore the world in Death's Gambit Afterlife

Unlike most Souls-type games, The bet of death: the afterlife is a little forgiving in death. Players will only lose Phoenix feathers. These magical feathers are how players will initially heal themselves away from save points. Every time someone dies they lose a feather.

It will wait for them where they last died and will never disappear even if players die on the way to retrieve it. Players can even use gasoline to collect Phoenix Plumes from save points without having to do a corpse run. It’s kind of a waste of gasoline but the option is nice to have and makes Gambit of Death a little more accessible. Losing souls in Dark souls, for example, can be a feeling of defeat.

The bet of death: the afterlife released on September 30, 2021 and is available on PC, PS4, and Switch.

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