Extending taxes could pay for road improvements, one group feared plans weren’t detailed enough

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) — Ballot number 7A takes up a lot of space on your ballot and will allow voters to decide on funding for major transportation projects.

The Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority or PPRTA is made up of six regional governments including Colorado Springs, Manitou Springs, unincorporated El Paso County, and the cities of Green Mountain Falls, Ramah, and Calhan.

Their projects are funded by a 1 cent sales tax. 55% of revenue is used for capital projects, 35% is used for maintenance and 10% is used for public transit. Ballot number 7A proposes extending the 55% used for capital projects for 10 years, ending in 2034, but does not increase the tax.

Mayor John Suthers says he supports 7A, “There is no back-up plan because there is not enough money in the general fund budgets for these types of projects.”

Mayor Suthers went on to say that improvements are needed to keep up with population growth and expanding the PPRTA is the only way to fund expensive projects.

A group called Colorado Springs Tax Payers tells us they’re concerned the language used in some of the proposals is too vague. Co-founder Laura Carno had this to say: “There are other projects that could fit into this PPRTA that we just aren’t aware of at this time.

The full list of projects can be found on your ballot.

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