Fifa sends Zamalek ‘final warning’ over possible relegation over Acheampong controversy


The Egyptian club have been urged to comply with a Cas order by the end of March or face dire consequences

World football’s governing body Fifa has issued African football giants Zamalek a “final warning” over their reluctance to pay Ghanaian striker Ben Acheampong more than $ 1 million (€ 827,575) for unfair treatment during a stint with the club between 2017 and 2018.

The five-time African champions face the risk of a transfer ban, points deducted or demoted to the next level if they fail to honor an order of the Court of Arbitration for Sport by the end of March.

In December, Cas admitted the Egyptian fold guilty of “forcing” the attacker to terminate his own contract through a series of frustrating treatments.

“The Zamalek Sports Club is granted a final period of 30 days from the notification of this decision to settle the said amount”, wrote on March 1 the disciplinary service of Fifa to the parties concerned, on BBC reported.

“At the end of the aforementioned definitive period and in the event of persistent failure or complete non-execution of the decision within the allotted time, a transfer ban will be pronounced until full payment of the amount due.

“In addition, a point deduction or relegation to a lower division may also be ordered in addition to a transfer ban in the event of persistent failure, repeat or serious infractions or if no full transfer has been able to. be imposed or served for any reason. “

Acheampong claims his predicament at Zamalek began following a change of management at the club shortly after his arrival.

After being pushed to the outskirts of the squad, the 30-year-old pursued a loan transfer to Petrojet and on his return was ruled out from the first team, which led to his decision to terminate his contract.

The Ghanaian believes the Egyptian club deliberately inflicted the treatment, in an attempt to force him to terminate his own contract and save the club from financial obligations if he breaks the deal.

“I feel great – great that the decision is in my favor for the second time,” he told BBC Sport Africa at the time. “I feel justified. Ultimately, the truth speaks.

“Now the decision is in my favor, I am desperate that Zamalek will follow the instructions and pay the money as soon as possible. I am very, very happy.”

According to Acheampong, he only received half of his financial rights before his loan deal with Petrojet, but Zamalek claims the player signed a contract, saying he would lose his salary while on loan.

Once again, the Ghanaian said he was forced into an agreement stating that he received all the money owed to him by Zamalek before the club processed the necessary documents for Fifa to approve a transfer to a Qatari team at the end of their contract.

“It is an important message from Fifa that they do not tolerate the abusive behavior of Zamalek and Nader El Sayed,” Roy Vermeer, lawyer for the world players union Fifpro, told BBC Sport Africa.

“It is time for Zamalek to start engaging in a discussion with the player and his real legal representatives instead of playing tricks to evade their obligations.”

Former Ghanaian junior international Acheampong played for Asante Kotoko during his time in his home league.


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