From Flo Rida to Russian ‘Dalek’ costume: all the best Eurovision memes and moments


The 65th Eurovision Song Contest had it all: angel and hand costumes to Flo Rida. Another year of the Europop party is over, and it was another crazy race.

UK entry James Newman and his track ‘Embers’ came last in the competition, but his bad luck not getting a voice from either the audience or the jury was a blow.

At least Newman himself well taken the loss, standing to the applause of the audience and other delegates.

The competition winner with a whopping 524 points was Italy, with heavy metal band Måneskin taking home the trophy for their track, “Zitti E Buoni”.

Shouting into the microphone after accepting the victory, band frontman Damiano David said: “We just wanted to tell all of Europe, leading the world, rock and roll never dies.”

It was a hectic night, as you might expect – just as memes were too.

Whether you missed the show last night or want to relive the ridiculous one more time, we’ve rounded up some of the best for you below.

1.Russian Dalek

Fans are eagerly awaiting their next sci-fi series patch Doctor Who maybe he had something to pass them through last night, as a costume worn by Russian delegate Manizha Sangin was compared to the Doctor’s nemesis, the Daleks:

Dalek or other, Sangin’s “Russian woman” has certainly exterminated some stereotypes and perceptions in terms of lyrics and staging.

2. Italy table incident

As candidates waited for the jury’s results to arrive – votes known to completely change the outcome (Switzerland won in the public vote before Italy got a massive jury score) – the camera decided to go. go to Italy in the green. place to see how they handled the suspense.

One of them waved their country’s flag, another stuck out his tongue, the third raised his glass and another looked like he was biting his nails with nerves.

However, MÃ¥neskin frontman Damiano David could be seen leaning over the table – leading many to suspect the singer was taking a banned substance:

The European Broadcasting Union said later they were aware of the speculation and “examining the matter”, while David said a press conference that what really happened was that another member of the group “broke a glass” and that “I do not use drugs”.

The group also posted a statement on their Instagram Story, in which they said, “We’re really shocked at what some people are saying about Damiano taking drugs. We are really AGAINST drugs and we have never used cocaine.

“We are ready to be tested, because we have nothing to hide.”

3. The hilarious decision to put Germany before Finland

Sometimes you wonder if the Eurovision planners are doing these things on purpose. Perhaps not happy to put Cyprus’ spirited ‘El Diablo’ and Norway’s’ Fallen Angel ‘in the semi-finals, the running order for the grand final saw the angry Finnish rockers take over from’ I Don ‘. t Feel Hate ”from Germany.

Given that the latter’s song was more upbeat, with vibrant colors and ukuleles that almost made it sound like a children’s TV track, immediately contrasting with a band that had their middle fingers painted red to get around the ‘rule. Eurovision’s “ non-sworn ” was the chaotic energy we live for.

Others agreed:

And it’s also worth saying that yes somehow a dancing woman in costume in hand got more votes than the UK entry. Make it meaningful.

4. Flo Rida. That’s all.

One of the biggest names to get involved in this year’s competition was American rapper Flo Rida, an international star known for titles such as “Good Feeling” and “Whistle” who decided to join Senhit to perform. in the small state of San Marino. .

In addition to people having flashbacks to the early 2010s, social media users wondered if he really knew what he was getting into:

No, we still don’t know why he was there either.

5. Cyprus and Lady Gaga

Viewers also joked that Lady Gaga might just pick up the ‘phone’ from her lawyers after the Cyprus performance, after their track ‘El Diablo’ by Elena Tsagrinou was compared to a song by the superstar – in particular “Bad Romance” from his album, The glory monster.

Elena, if you get a call we suggest you put on your best “Poker Face”.

6. “Ja Ja Ding Dong”

Not content with having a weird and wonderful performance from Rep Daði Freyr, Iceland’s spokesperson for announcing their country’s results was Hannes Óli Ágústsson, the actor who drew memes and fame online for his simple request in the Eurovision film: “play” Ja Ja Ding Dong “”.

Presenting his country’s views, Ágústsson said, “There were a lot of great songs this year, but I personally would like you to play ‘Ja Ja Ding Dong’.

Keen to keep the show on the road, one of the entertainers replied, “We would love to do this with all these thousands of people, but we’re running out of time a little bit, so please can we have it? your 12 points? “

“Of course, no problem. Our 12 points go to ‘Ja Ja Ding Dong’! Really ?!”

Maybe next year, Ágústsson, when the show heads to Italy for the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest.

We would expect there to be a lot of memes too then.


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