HCMC will synchronously apply Decree No. 45 on environmental protection | Ho Chi Minh City

HCMC residents will face severe penalties if they fail to classify domestic solid waste at source

Deputy Director Nguyen Thi Thanh My first informed that Decree No. 45 retains all content still adapted and practical to the current reality of adopting legal policies on environmental protection. Its new points lie in

_a list of violations of environmental legal procedures, revised in accordance with the new regulations of the Environmental Protection Act 2020;

_methods of forcibly returning illegal profits;

_instruction on the identification of the rejection volume and sanctions for any sample exceeding the regulatory limits;

_detailed regulations on the effective period of sanctions for infringing activities;

_clearer regulations on the subjects to be penalized for failing to classify household solid waste at source, or to classify and manage ordinary industrial solid waste;

_amendments to fines for non-classification of household waste and non-compliance with public sanitation rules;

_Authorization given to districts and HCMC Export Processing Zones Management Board (HEPZA) to force suspension of operations and enforcement.

She also mentioned some content that needs more specific guidance from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, such as measures to deal with many violations in one case, some of which are beyond the power of the Ministry. investigation unit; the means to suspend operations by force and remedies in case of negative impacts of violations.

Commenting on the new form of punishment for violation activities such as environmental pollution recorded by camera systems in Decree No. 45, the Deputy Director said that the identification of violations of public sanitation rules has been the weakness of Decree No. 155 in 2016. With this new Decree, HCMC is able to timely discover and amend violators. The city has already provided corresponding instructions on how to use extracts from camera systems for indirect sanctions. Currently, offenders receive warnings either directly or through meetings in their neighborhoods, and will be punished if this action continues to occur.

To prevent people from polluting the environment, it is necessary to establish cooperation between local authorities, state environmental officials, social organizations, neighborhood members and local police officers. Otherwise, even surveillance camera systems cannot improve the situation. The city also approved the local urban order management force and construction inspection team to punish administrative violations of public sanitation rules.

Discussing the severity of a penalty of up to VND 1 million (USD 43) for those who do not classify their domestic solid waste at source, Deputy Manager My said that this task is detailed, as well as the specific time to be accomplished, in the Environmental Protection Act 2020. HCMC is developing an appropriate roadmap for implementation.

The piloting time in the city revealed that the most important factor for the success of this waste classification is the cooperation of city dwellers, sufficient technical infrastructure (waste collection devices, containers, frequency of waste collection and transport to transfer points and treatment plants), modern waste treatment technologies to treat this waste after classification (transformation into compost, fertilizer or energy).

At present, it is essential to accelerate the propaganda of the advantages of this waste classification to the public so that they actively and voluntarily participate in the task, gradually forming this new useful habit. It is only after this propaganda and an upgrade of the technical infrastructure necessary for this task that the municipal authorities will be able to consider sanctions.

Finally, the Deputy Director informed about the current state of preparation for the implementation of Decree No. 45 of August 25, 2022. Immediately after the publication of Decree No. 45, the Department of Natural Resources and Environment of HCMC sent Dispatch No. 5572/STNMT-TTr on this matter to People’s Committees of all counties and Thu Duc City, HEPZA, Saigon Hi-tech Park Management Board and Security Department public of HCMC.

By the day of entry into force of Decree No. 45, relevant units of HCMC will have prepared sufficient facilities and human resources for synchronous implementation throughout the city. During the passing of this decree, any issue that arises will be dealt with by the Department of Natural Resources and Environment of HCMC or sent to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment for further instructions if the matter is out of scope. his power.

By Minh Hai – Translated by Thanh Tam

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