Howie Roseman explains why the Eagles traded Zach Ertz

Philadelphia Eagles general manager Howie Roseman spoke to reporters after the news broke that the team were trading Zach Ertz for the Arizona Cardinals, and explained why it was the right opportunity for the organization and the tight end, and what they see from this position group moving forward.

Roseman has claimed they are not short of potential this season and do not see themselves as sellers in the two weeks leading up to the NFL trade deadline.

Here’s what the CEO had to say:

On Zach Ertz’s trade

“First of all, Zach Ertz, his lasting legacy in this team on and off the pitch and in this city – some of the most iconic moments in the history of this franchise came from Zach. Just a huge appreciation for him. as a player, Eagles Hall of Famer, on the verge of maybe becoming the NFL Hall of Fame, and as a person. The number of conversations you have with him, his love of the game and his love of the city , so it’s a hard day.

As to why we did this, it was a matter of timeliness. Opportunity for the Eagles, opportunity for Zach, as we move forward. “

Roseman later said he doesn’t think the move says anything about their prospects for the rest of the season, they’re still trying to win every game. Despite entertaining calls in the offseason, the GM said he thought they would have had more regrets not bringing Ertz back to at least see what the squad was like with him.

He went on to explain that they had communicated with Ertz a lot throughout the process and tried to give him as much information as possible, with Roseman speaking on Tuesday night.

“Zach is an eagle for life. Zach’s family. It will never change. I am very grateful to him and his contributions.

Roseman insisted that there was no problem between him and Ertz, and sometimes with the family you have ups and downs, but there aren’t many players that you two sit down with. days before a game to discuss a trade. Roseman noted that he drafted Ertz and still had pictures of their families together after the Super Bowl, so it wasn’t a “goodbye.”

The GM also explained that while they didn’t call the Cardinals back to formalize things until Friday morning, they wanted Ertz to be able to have his moment and enjoy his final game in Philadelphia with his eyes open to the situation – that’s why he was also captain for Thursday night’s game. With Dallas Goedert out, Ertz was able to take the limelight a little more and was able to get another touchdown in The Linc. Roseman was asked what would happen if he got injured, and the GM said it was a risk they were willing to take to give Ertz that special moment with the team and the city.

On Dallas Goedert and the TE room now

Roseman said it was becoming clear that in the future they would be able to keep Dallas Goedert and Ertz on the roster, they were both due to be free agents at the end of the year, and the move gives Goedert the opportunity to step up and be the # 1 guy. The GM also said the move comes after he got to see what Tyree Jackson was capable of and how some of the guys behind Goedert – Jack Stoll and Noah Togiai – might be able to contribute.

He then explained that they knew they wouldn’t be able to bring Goedert back with a discount next year. how he will get out. They will also have more opportunities later this season when Tyree Jackson returns to the pitch to see what he can do during games, and if what they say at training camp will translate into success on field.

On the addition of CB Tay Gowan

Roseman said Gowan is someone they spotted during the draft process and would have considered with their sixth round pick – he was taken right before they got back on the clock. The Eagles spent a lot of time with him leading up to the draft, and adding him is a chance to add another young cornerback to this room.

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