IU once “filed a complaint” against SEVENTEEN? Here’s a hilarious reason

On her YouTube show, IU revealed the hilarious reason why she “filed a lawsuit” against SEVENTEEN after an awards show.

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IU Recalls When She ‘Filed a Complaint’ Against SEVENTEEN – What Happened?

On May 30, K-pop boy group SEVENTEEN appeared as a guest on “IU’s Palette,” a segment hosted by the female idol on her official YouTube channel.

During the show, the “HOT” singers then revealed the behind-the-scenes story from the waiting room for an award show.

On the show, IU began by introducing SEVENTEEN and honestly conveyed that even though she didn’t know them personally, they were familiar faces that she greeted “hello” from time to time.

But SEVENTEEN is a special case. The “LILAC” singer confessed that the group was memorable for her, saying:

“Did you know we were green room neighbors? (Yes, we did) I remember that time, most recently at the Golden Disc Awards.”

As the SEVENTEEN members agreed in unison while looking tense, seemingly because they were in front of a well-respected senior, IU broke the quiet atmosphere with laughter by adding,

“I was wondering who was in the next room because it was…too loud.”

IU once

(Photo: IU with SEVENTEEN (Twitter))

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Member Boo Seungkwan immediately wore an expression of apology and sympathized with the female idol, saying,

“I’m sure she was stressed out by us, I feel like she toned it down.”

As the mood became lighter, IU showed off her friendly personality by “complaining” even more.

“I’m sure it was a group of boys. I thought I was at the market in town.”

Being a large group consisting of 13 members, they surely have a lot of staff members as well. Thus, Seungkwan did not deny that the noise is sometimes out of control and many of their Green Room neighbors (singers from the next room) have actually complained about the noise.

IU once

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IU kindly raised her hand and confessed:

“I also filed a complaint…just kidding!”

As she drew waves of laughter, IU went on to clarify that she wasn’t annoyed by it, but rather thought that SEVENTEEN is a team where the members have great teamwork, on the basis of the conversation they heard from them.

What a lovely interaction indeed!

Watch IU and SEVENTEEN’s full video here:

SEVENTEEN releases 4th studio album “Face the Sun”

As the broadcast with IU continued, Hoshi talked about their new album and said,

“The title of the album is ‘Facing the Sun’. It’s the only album in the world that has the biggest influence, the sun and the ambition to be the best. Woozi wrote the songs.”

IU once

(Photo: SEVENTEEN (News1))

IU told Woozi, who wrote and composed the entire song, “It must be really hard,” and Woozi confessed:

“It’s hard. It’s been a while since I released a full album, so I gave a lot of strength when I worked on it. This time it’s all band songs and because ‘they put too much energy, almost all of them became candidates for the title song. I remember the company and the members voted a lot.

IU once

(Photo: SEVENTEEN (News1))

Meanwhile, SEVENTEEN released their 4th album “Face the Sun” on May 27, which includes their title track “HOT.”

Upon its release, the album sold 1,821,560 copies (based on the Hanteo Chart) in just three days and topped domestic and foreign music charts, proving its enormous popularity.

With this album, SEVENTEEN has already achieved its “sixth consecutive million sales (one million copies of a single album).

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