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The outlook for employment in the United States is rather bleak overall, with nearly 11 million people out of work at the moment. While that number is far lower than it was during the first wave of coronavirus cases and economic shutdowns this spring, it is still disheartening for those looking for work.

But the news is not all bad. Even if employment growth has been unbalanced, favoring certain industries over others, there are employers hiring at the moment.

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Here are five key areas that saw an increase in hiring in November and are expected to continue hiring through the winter. It might surprise you to learn that not all areas of employee search require specialized skills and may offer on-the-job training to help new workers get up to speed.

Transportation and warehousing

Warehouses and other jobs supporting online shopping typically increase in the fall at the start of the holiday season, but the pandemic has led to strong growth in this area. Glassdoor, a job search and company review website, recorded a increase in warehouse jobs in October compared to October 2019.

The category, which includes couriers and couriers, warehousing and storage and trucking, created 145,000 jobs in November alone, one of the most important areas of growth in the jobs report. November. The roles of supply chain and logistics are important to keep things running smoothly, but many of the jobs available are entry-level, requiring only on-the-job training.

Amazon hired more than 425,000 people between January and October, mostly to work at its facilities that store and ship orders to customers. Walmart has hired half a million people since March for jobs in the sales space as well as order fulfillment roles. The retailer launched its Walmart Plus service in September to compete with Amazon Prime: while it initially had a minimum order of $ 35 to get free next day delivery, that minimum was dropped in early December; this move should lead to an increase in orders, which in turn could stimulate demand for more workers.

Health care

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has noted an increase in hires in home health care services, as well as jobs in the offices of physicians and other health care practitioners. And there is also a demand for healthcare-related call center workers, billing specialists, and others who don’t physically interact with patients on the front lines.

RN positions have increased by 51% during the pandemic, according to Glassdoor. One particular area of ​​growth is the demand for itinerant nurses, who carry out short-term assignments away from home to meet the needs of temporary staff.

The Washington Post reported last month that some areas with high infection rates are pay double for travel nurses than their rates for nursing staff. Hard-hit areas like El Paso, Texas are recruiting respiratory technicians and therapists, as well as medical technicians. Hospitals in at least 25 states are dealing with staff shortages for doctors and nurses, according to Stat News.


While many large commercial construction projects were put on hold during the pandemic, residential projects are starting up again, with new housing construction expected to increase in 2021. The industry created 14,000 jobs in November.

There is an increased need for professionals to tackle residential construction projects for homeowners. The low mortgage rates this has boosted demand for homes meaning many will spruce up their homes for sale – and buyers might consider upgrades to their new homes. Roofers, plumbers, painters and electricians are likely to be in high demand. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects employment for electricians to grow 8% between 2019 and 2029, faster than the average for all jobs.

There are also increased construction-related retail jobs and home improvement.

Home Depot, Lowe’s and The Sherwin-Williams Company each published thousands of jobs in November, according to data from ZipRecruiter.

Repair technicians

As people spend more time at home, devices wear out much more than before. And as deliveries of new home appliances take longer than ever before due to coronavirus supply chain delays, people are turning to the pros to get their dishwashers, refrigerators and more serviced.

This puts a lot of pressure on the people who are trained to repair these increasingly technological essentials. Sears Home Services told NBC News it has a lack of 1,000 technicians, for which he is trying to hire. A repair service company in North Carolina said it intended to hire additional workers, and its technicians work six- and seven-day weeks to meet demand.

It helps if you’re already a DIYer, but it doesn’t take long to get started as a repair technician. Trade schools sometimes run training programs that take weeks, instead of months or years, to become an expert.


Manufacturing saw 27,000 new jobs added in November. The automotive industry played an important role in this, as factories reopened and car sales continue to recover.

But manufacturing jobs aren’t limited to vehicles. Furniture manufacturing created jobs in November as more Americans remain confined to their homes, improve or upgrade their environment has become a priority.

You don’t necessarily need years of study at a business school to get started in manufacturing. E-bike maker struggled to fill positions in bike assembly to the point of posting a billboard to attract potential hires: Robert Irving, commercial director of Electronic Bike Technologies, told Bucks County Courier Hours that he just needed “someone who can tell the difference between an Allen wrench and a socket wrench.”

Much of the process of economic recovery is uncertain, but these areas are among those worth watching as we look to 2021.


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