Liberals are playing tricks on each other, and it’s a treat for the rest of us

Happy Halloween! This weekend indeed closes a very scary week for Democrats.

While the country has had worse weeks since Biden took power in January, I’m not sure the Liberals have had a more embarrassing one.

Let’s start with the race everyone is watching. Democrat Terry McAuliffe is running (again) for governor of Virginia against Republican Glenn Youngkin. Whether McAuliffe wins or loses on Tuesday, one thing is for sure: he ran a hilarious campaign. The closer election day draws, the more the former governor seems to be spiraling out of control.

The last bizarre moment came in Charlottesville when a group of “white supremacists” carrying tiki torches showed up outside Glenn Youngkin’s campaign bus to “support” the Republican candidate. Twitter detectives were able to discover, within minutes, that two of the five of these “Youngkin supporters” were in fact paid Virginia Democratic employees. Another of the “white supremacists” was Black.

As the dirty trick unraveled (and the McAuliffe campaign began to suppress their initial tweets of shock and false outrage), the Lincoln Project suddenly took the brunt of the failed hoax.

Project Lincoln is best remembered, if at all, as a footnote to the 2020 campaign – a boiler room operation of scammers and anti-Trump evictions led by John Weaver, the group’s co-founder , who is accused of preying on underage boys. (This is why Donald Trump Jr., in a memorable tweet Friday, described the group as “The Pedo Project.”)

Meanwhile, the Babylon Bee quickly photoshopped a photo of the Youngkin field bus, with a member of the Ku Klux Klan in formal costume standing in front of it. Next to the Klansman was a inset photo of current Democratic Governor Ralph Northam, who was pictured with both a) a KKK balaclava and b) a black face.

The irony is somehow lost on Democrats today.

This tiki torch train wreck came about after a series of memorable moments for Team Terry. After McAuliffe spent $ 60,000 to hire dubious electoral rights lawyer Mark Elias, a Fox News reporter reached out to the McAuliffe campaign for comment. Journalist Tyler O’Neil asked if McAuliffe intended to challenge the election results.

A McAuliffe spokesperson mistakenly returned a clearly intended response to a colleague who asked, “Can we try to kill this?” as if they were dealing with such obsequious Democratic bodies as the Washington Post or the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Are Terry’s goofy ways rubbing off on his subordinates? Moreover, if McAuliffe loses this election, which he clearly thinks he could, rest assured that tough election results will be all the rage again. Think about “voter suppression”. Do you want to hang chads?

Outside of Virginia, the news cycle was not much better for Democrats. America’s crazed ex-boyfriend Andrew Cuomo was accused Thursday of tampering with a former assistant and is expected to be arrested at some point next week. The New York Post cheerfully reported on the front page on Saturday that his photo and fingerprints would be taken by Albany Police.

Smile, Governor! It’s for the first page!

If you’re interested in following coverage of this scandal, Cuomo’s little brother Chris has a “news” program on CNN. I’m sure they’ll cover this topic wall to wall.

Speaking of CNN, has anyone seen Dr. Fauci lately? Normally, I would love to have a week off to watch Dr. Doom on my TV 24/7. But the timing of his absence seems odd given the hype surrounding a recent explosive story of the White Coat Waste Project.

The taxpayer watchdog group alleged this week that the National Institutes of Health funded a lab in Tunisia that tortures and kills beagle puppies in the name of science. Chief expert Fauci should surely use his numerous television opportunities to respond to these slanderous allegations. Please, someone check the MSNBC Green Room and ask Fauci for a quote on this story.

But no one can take a week from bad to worse like Joe Biden. While his trillion dollar plans (which are sort of zero dollar plans too) are in limbo, Biden made a pilgrimage to the Vatican. The president, being the staunch Catholic layman that he is, seemed delighted to meet Pope Francis to discuss important topics like climate change.

Maybe the Pope asked Biden if the next time he shows up in an 85-car motorcade, could he make sure the vehicles are electric? After regaling the Pope with his own whispered, absurd narrative, Biden headed for his next opportunity to embarrass the country – the COP 26 climate summit in Glasgow.

This monumental event is expected to welcome 30,000 great officials who will shake their fists in the air about the bad weather forecast for next weekend, after which they will have lunch and then return home aboard their private jets.

Halloween might end this brutal week for the left, but I have a feeling the spooky season is just beginning.

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