Marty Friedman explains why streaming listeners skip guitar solos

Guitarist and former Megadeth member Marty Friedman has a theory why music streaming subscribers would skip guitar solos when listening to songs.

It’s unclear where he saw the stat, but in a Facebook post last week, the musician said recent data shows that many Japanese listeners who use streaming services skip to the next track when they hear a guitar solo. So the rocker, who lives in Japan, jotted down his best guess as to why.

Friedman wrote: “It has been reported (true or not, who knows) that [in this country] a lot of people jump to the next song when the guitar solo starts.”

He speculated that the phenomenon primarily affects “mainstream hit music, not heavy metal bands and rock bands“. Yet he felt that guitar solos “have all but disappeared in the top levels of the United States”

Friedman continued, “Fortunately for us in Japan, the Japanese are used to having guitar solos in all genres of music. music industry may think the guitar solo is an important part of the song.”

However, he posited that in American music the guitar solo has become a required prop instead of an inspired addition. It can “sometimes take on a mandatory existence, where as long as there’s some kind of distorted guitar solo for eight bars somewhere in the song, the quota is met”, Friedman remarked.

“No wonder people skip guitar solos when they listen,” he added. “Even I skip them sometimes.”

Friedman continued, “Imagine any Queen song with a decent random guitar solo. … Those solos would be skipped for sure. So instead of having a guitar solo in the song just for familiarity, or because a guitar solo sounds cool (they usually do), it has to be there for a deeper reason.”

Read the musician’s full post below.

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