Matt LaFleur on the verge of his own historic achievement

GREEN BAY – For all the attention, and rightfully so, on Aaron Rodgers breaking Brett Favre’s franchise record for touchdown passes with his neighbor, there’s a piece of history that the coach- Chef Matt LaFleur is also about to meet.

With a Saturday win over the Browns, LaFleur would tie the league record for most regular season wins by a head coach in his first three years, according to the Elias Athletic Bureau.

From 1989 to 1991, George Seifert of San Francisco won 38 games, going 14-2 in his first two seasons and then 10-6 in his third. So far, LaFleur is 37-9 at the helm of the Packers (13-3, 13-3, 11-3), leading Jim Harbaugh’s 36 wins in San Francisco from 2011 to 2013 with the victory of last week in Baltimore, coincidentally on Harbaugh’s brother, John.

LaFleur now has the opportunity to match Seifert this week, and if he does, he could overtake him next week, which would be important in that he could establish the new mark without needing Game 17 of regular season which was added this year. The NFL had played regular 16-game seasons since 1978.

Ask LaFleur what his accomplishments are, and he’s always quick to thank others in the organization – the players, his coaching staff, the personnel department, etc. He also always has an eye on the sequel, as it has become clear over the course of his three seasons that he will never achieve any level of satisfaction or complacency until he brings another Super Bowl title to. Green Bay.

That said, there are a few pillars to LaFleur’s program that help define his coaching style. Where these rank in their level of contribution to its early streak of success compared to players, fellow coaches, front office, etc., is an open question.

But there is no denying that they matter, because there is no doubt about the results he has produced so far.

1. He holds himself accountable first.

After any loss, or discussing everything that’s wrong, LaFleur will almost certainly say it starts with him. And he really means it. He’s always going to look at himself in the mirror first to consider if he could have done anything better, be it the game plan, the game calls, the management of the game, whatever.

Carrying the blame contrasts with the credit he still spreads, but it is a testament to the culture he created behind the scenes. He might not call the players in the media like he says himself, but he and his coaches hold them accountable out of the public eye, and they can’t really pass the buck in full. good conscience when the head coach never does so publicly. .

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