Randy Rhoads’ guitar and amp stolen in 2019


The family of the late guitarist Randy Rhoads recovered two key items taken in a 2019 robbery at the Musonia School of Music. According to the guitarist’s sister, his first electric guitar, a 1963 Harmony Rocket and a prototype of his signature Marshall amplifier are now back in the family’s possession.

The original robbery took place in November 2019 at the school where the guitar was once great. The school was run by Rhoads’ late mother and many of her belongings remained there, but a number of them were taken in the Thanksgiving night flight.

After the theft, Ozzy Osbourne offered a reward of $ 25,000 for information that would lead to the arrest and conviction of those responsible. Shortly after the theft, a fan who had seen a local report on the missing items spotted some of Rhoads’ belongings in a dumpster while walking his dog.

As the search continues for two years, Randy’s sister, Kathy Rhoads D’Argenzio, reveals the news of the return of the two new items.

“YES !!!! It’s OFFICIAL !!!…. And you heard it CORRECT !!!!! It’s BACK,” D’Argenzio said via Instagram. “It’s been a crazy ‘Randy week’ for sure… .. but it’s also Beyond Awesome !!!!!!! I’m so grateful for this…. No words. I CANNOT respond to NO questions, as this is an ‘INVESTIGATION IN PROGRESS. ”So don’t ask !!!!”

Her relief was felt as she continued, “Wow !! Absolutely amazing !!!!! But believe me… I’ll do a “follow-up” when I can !! Thank you all for all your concerns and love. D’Argenzio confirmed in her post that items were still missing, but she also thanked the North Hollywood Police Department for their continued efforts in trying to recover the lost items.

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