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Insurgency: sandstorm is one of those games that tends to have a large number of experienced players. Those who have an idea of ​​the game and enjoy it end up sticking around for a long time. Part of this is that the game isn’t designed to be supplanted by a sequel as quickly as something like Call of Duty is, but the other reasons are entirely related to the quality of the game itself.

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There are quite a few intricate details that help refine its tactical advantage over the aforementioned annual franchise, and devoted fans can’t get enough of it. For new players, however, it can be intimidating to try and enter the game with these details in mind. There are things like point systems, attachments, day and night stages, fire control tactics, and more than that. For the new player, there are quite a few things that they need to learn to really be successful in the game.

Supply point management

Insurgency Gear Customization Screen

Supply Points are essentially the primary form of currency in the game. The player uses them to customize their loadout at all times, however, they only receive a set number of Supply Points depending on the game’s settings. can have as little as 10 points at the start of the match with only a few extra points rewarded later for good performance.

Points are spent on things like weapons, armor, attachments, and other secondary gear. This means that the player will have to be smart about how they apply their supply points. It is recommended that the player determine their playstyle and then shape their equipment to maximize their effectiveness. Some players prefer to forgo the armor and use the points on more grenades or ammo, for example.

Playing with attachments

Friendly AI and gamer with rigged guns yo

Like many modern tactical shooters, Insurrection allows the player to customize their weapons by adding items such as optics, grips, lasers and more. Depending on the weapon, different accessories work better than others.

Flash hiders conceal the player’s muzzle flash from the enemy, but compensators reduce vertical recoil. Optics can improve the player’s view of the enemy, but too much magnification can make recoil more severe. It may be best for some players to forgo attachments altogether at first to maximize their effectiveness once they understand how weapons work.

The quirks of reloading

Player reloading

With Insurrection, there is more to learn about reloading than in most other tactical games. Like its predecessor, the game will save partially depleted chargers if the player chooses to reload early. Unlike its predecessor, however, a staged reloading system has been added for added realism.

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This means that the reload cycle can be interrupted and restarted from the stage where it was first stopped. For partial reloading this means that there is still one turn in the chamber while reloading, however, it is best not to partially reload too often as after a while the only chargers the player will have will be chargers half or quarter full.

Tactical grenades and explosives

Player holding a grenade

Grenades can be used in different ways. For starters, they can be baked, thrown over the hand or under, or they can be held for an extended period and then cocked. Non-lethal grenades like flash grenades or smoke grenades are useful for obstructing enemy vision and allowing the player to move over them, however, even enemy bots can use them on the player.

Some objectives offer arming explosives as a way to take them out, in which case the Demolition Class will arm them the fastest, but a simple RPG or C-4 will suffice. Any explosions that are not smoke or flash can kill the player, so it is best to be very careful with all fragmentation, chemical, distant and explosive objectives.

Trigger control

Player aiming at enemy

Weapons can be difficult for new players to control, especially fully automatic weapons. With optics that have a higher magnification, this can seem even more difficult. Fortunately, there are many methods of controlling recoil. Assault rifles have selective fire which allows the player to fire only semi-automatically.

The player can also attach grips and compensators to their weapons which help reduce vertical and horizontal recoil. Some weapons are fully automatic and therefore require a bit of skill to master. It is recommended that the player learn to shoot alone in controlled bursts rather than using selective shooting as a crutch.

Night maps and night vision

The player kills the enemy using night vision

Insurrection offers many cards located in the middle of the night. Unless the player has night vision, they are unable to see what is going on. Additionally, enemies will always have night vision or a flashlight with which to spot you. The player does not automatically appear with night vision goggles, so they will need to use the supply points to equip themselves.

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There are also several types of night vision goggles and they don’t all cost the same number of supply points. Some night vision devices are inexpensive but have potentially unwanted drawbacks such as a small field of view or an overly blurry image. Better night vision devices are available, but they cost more, which can prevent the player from including other items in their gear. Point shooting is recommended because aiming down is very slow with night vision equipped. In combination with an infrared laser (which also costs supply points), the player can be extremely effective in night time battles.

Replenishment of weapons and equipment

Player looking at the supply cache

Insurgency: sandstorm allows the player to restock at will. This is rather useful if the player needs to change their gear or class in order to win the match. The player simply needs to open the loadout menu and click on the “reload” option.

Alternatively, the player can reload their ammo and gear by finding a replenishment cache somewhere on the map. This is the only way to fill these items, as picking up weapons on the ground only allows you to fire the ammo left in that weapon store and no more.

Positioning questions

Player cautiously leans out of cover with AKM

Due to the very low kill times, player positioning skill is very important. If they are careless they can get caught in the open or if they don’t know the map they can get lost or run into enemy spawn. These things can be picked up quite easily, however. What the player might not know is that things like IR lasers or muzzle flash can reveal their position depending on the situation.

On night maps, some enemies won’t see you unless you shoot a laser at them. Likewise, during the day, the flash from the player’s mouth could alert the enemy even if you are well covered. The right equipment and the right style of play can make all the difference in situations like these.

Communication and team play

The player rushes with the team

Team coordination is very important in Sandstorm. A more cohesive team has a better chance of winning than an uncoordinated group of random players who just wing it. In addition to using headsets to talk with other players, there are a variety of emotes and instructions to use to help other teammates.

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Equipment such as flashbangs and smoke grenades can also be of great use to the player’s team. Flashbangs blind and deafen enemy players while smoke grenades can block the enemy’s view over a certain area, allowing the player’s team to pass safely. The former is best used indoors or at objectives while smoke grenades are effective on open areas that have little coverage.

Versatility of movement

Friendly AI sprint on viewer screen

Movement is not as simplistic a matter as you might think, and it even influences other aspects of the game. Sprinting in particular is quite versatile but has a few drawbacks. This allows the player to move faster but only for a short time until they are forced to slow down. Wearing heavy armor also slows movement speed. Sprinting for long periods of time will also affect the sway of the weapon while aiming to simulate fatigue, eliminating shot placement.

In contrast, squatting helps reduce recoil. The player can slide by crouching while sprinting if he needs to and can even lean left and right without exposing too much of his body. Doors can actually be opened by simply sprinting over them, although this is for players who like noisy entrances.

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