Slash explains how he keeps track of all his riffs


Legendary guitarists have created thousands of riffs throughout their careers, but where do they “store” them all? Slash, who has written music with Guns N ‘Roses, Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators and a plethora of other musicians, explained how he keeps track of all his riffs during a conversation with the host of Loudwire Nights Toni Gonzalez.

He stores them in his head.

“All things considered, I couldn’t have said it 20 years ago, but I keep a lot of it in my head because I actually have the ability to remember it now,” the guitar hero said in laughing. “I record stuff on any small device, like my phone or whatever, and that’s where all kinds of cool ideas go. And if I need to reference it, I know where to find it. “

The rocker has just announced his forthcoming fourth album with Kennedy and the Conspirators, aptly titled 4. However, he also released new songs with Guns N ‘Roses – “Absurd” and “Hard Skool” – which came out this year and was his first release with Axl Rose since 1994.

GN’R just wrapped up a tour of the United States last month and will hit the road again next year, but not before Slash embarks on his own run in support of 4. For many musicians, not being able to tour during the pandemic was a challenge. But for someone who is constantly in the studio or on the go?

“Some of my worst pitfalls were really about not working. And I didn’t know, I didn’t have the experience to know better at the time,” Slash admitted. “But over the years, I finally started to realize that the reason I have a lot of problems during downtime is that I just don’t know what to do with myself during downtime. stop.”

“I’m so used to the pace of touring and I’m used to the energy and I’m used to having a schedule, going out every night… And there’s really no substitute for that. “, he continued.

Fortunately, the guitarist has learned to keep busy, whether it’s writing new music for one of his bands or even for movies.

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