Slash Reveals Which Black Sabbath Song Has The Heaviest Riff Ever

As far as heavy metal goes, Black Sabbath basically laid the foundation for what we would call heavy metal today. And during a recent interview with Matt Pinfield on 95.5 KLOS in Los Angeles, Slash paid tribute to the legendary band’s work, even calling one of their songs the heaviest riff he could think of.

The great guitarist told Pinfield (as transcribed by Ultimate Guitar): “Sabbath’s first record had the biggest impact on me. Because when you think about it, in the landscape of all the other music that was happening at the time, there’s this dark record that came out that really created what you’d consider dark heavy metal and paved the way for everything that was to follow, and so yeah, that record is particularly poignant.

But his praise for the Sabbath didn’t stop there as he added, “I also love the Sabbath Bloody Sabbath disk. I mean, really all those records… But the first and the Sabbath Bloody Sabbath record probably had the biggest impact on me.”

The guitarist then added, “The title track, that breakdown towards the end of the song. There’s never been anything that’s been released that’s heavier than that. No band I can think of has a riff this heavy. than ‘Sabbath Bloody Sabbath.'” Listen to the song below.

Black Sabbath, “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath”

Slash has previously sung the praises of Black Sabbath, revealing in a 2021 Instagram post how he feels Sabotage was the band’s most underrated album.

“Of Black Sabbath’s legendary first six albums, Sabotage is the least famous for some reason. On the other hand, I think it’s criminally underrated because this record came out at a time when the band was releasing one platinum record after another and starting to get the attention of the masses. Although most fans will disagree with my opinions due to the presence of synthesizers in a Heavy Metal record, I think this is probably the heaviest record in the entire Black Sabbath discography.”

He called ‘Symptom of the Universe’ his favorite song, adding: “It’s a song with a riff that sounds like something you’d find on a new wave of British heavy metal records (perhaps the inspiration for Diamond Head’s’ To my ears, this song is the sonic predecessor of thrash metal, and aside from the riff, my favorite part of the song is Ozzy’s vocal performance as he displays enough range, power and confidence to foreshadow his hugely successful solo career.”

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