Stand Up For Southport Column: Rooftop Terrace Proposal for a Downtown Hotel Granted by Council


Bold hotel in Southport. Photo by Andrew Brown Media

By Andrew Brown

A downtown Southport hotel will soon boast a stunning rooftop terrace with a retractable roof with “a once in a lifetime experience” for the city.

The Grade II Bold Hotel at 583 Lord Street, Southport’s oldest hotel, had its proposals accepted by the Sefton Council.

The striking plans were designed by Clayton Architecture Limited, which is based in Ainsdale in Southport, on behalf of Mikhail Hotel & Leisure Group.

The app also calls for the conversion of the three story Grade II listed hotel attic into two new hotel rooms.

Andrew Mikhail, Owner of Mikhail Hotel & Leisure Group, said: “We are delighted that planning has now been approved for this exciting addition to The Bold Hotel, which allows us to continue to invest in Southport.

“The continued support of our great leaders on the local council keeps us motivated by a mutual vision to improve this wonderful region.”

Joe Clayton, Director of Clayton Architecture, said: “It’s great to work alongside a business owner (Andrew Mikhail) who is so keen to invest in the local economy.

“They gave us the difficult task of obtaining planning permission for an open-air roof terrace in a listed building!

Concept images for the proposed new rooftop terrace with retractable roof at the Bold Hotel on Lord Street in Southport, designed by Clayton Architecture Limited

“Not many people have that kind of vision, but it helps keep our role extremely interesting.

“The local planning authority, Sefton Council, has also been very involved throughout the process.

“We had several discussions to refine the proposal and make sure everyone along the way was happy.

“Overall this is a project that we are grateful and proud to be a part of and we can’t wait to start construction!”

The planning approval is great news at a time when the easing of lockdown restrictions means hotels, restaurants, bars and cafes will now be able to fully reopen when they greet guests inside their buildings.

A few proposals in the program have been changed following discussions with the Sefton Council, including the fact that the roof terrace is not to be open after 10 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 9 p.m. Sunday. The original app was scheduled to open at 2 a.m. online with other businesses nearby.

In his report, Sefton Council Planning Director Derek McKenzie said: “The app offers the conversion of the existing attic space to create two additional hotel rooms, five additional roof windows providing light (two skylights were deleted following the modification).

“In addition, the application proposes the conversion of the existing roof into a space for a bar and a lounge area which would be surrounded by an enlarged parapet with, punctuated by window openings and having a retractable roof.

“ED7 policy requires that development proposals in the central Southport area make a positive contribution to the economic function of the area, to the quality of the environment and to maintain the importance of heritage assets and their surroundings. Development must also not have an unacceptable impact on existing living conditions.

“In principle, the extension of the bar could create an economic advantage for downtown Southport and would be located in a location in which there is a number of outdoor seating associated with the restaurants and bars in that locality. downtown.

“In view of all of the above, the proposal is considered acceptable. It will not detract from the character of the appearance of the Lord Street Conservation Area or the setting of a listed building, it will provide economic investment and secure jobs. Subject to certain conditions, seabass is not expected to significantly interfere with the enjoyment of neighboring businesses or residents and appropriate access arrangements are offered. “

The existing flat roof will now be converted into a rooftop terrace for a bar and additional outdoor seating.

It represents a substantial additional investment in the redevelopment of the “North Quarter” of Lord Street by owners Mikhail Hotel & Leisure Group.

Last week, Stand Up For Southport revealed how Mikhail Hotels & Leisure Holdings Limited submitted a planning request to transform the Grade II listed Harrison House, on Liverpool Road South in Maghull, into a hotel with a restaurant, bar and living room, with a single rear extension of the second floor. The program will create 50 new jobs.

Owner Andrew Mikhail said: “We are extremely excited and proud to be able to continue to invest in Southport.

“Encouragement from the wonderful leaders of the local council to improve this wonderful region helps us to stay motivated by our plans.”

Last year, the company transformed the restaurant at The Bold hotel into a stylish new sculpture.

In recent years they have also opened the brand new Lord Street Hotel and Irish themed Punch Tarmey bar on Lord Street.

The app says: “The proposal aims to convert an existing attic into two additional hotel rooms. The existing attic space is currently underutilized for storage.

Concept images for the proposed new rooftop terrace with retractable roof at the Bold Hotel on Lord Street in Southport, designed by Clayton Architecture Limited

“The conversion of the attic will allow the hotel to grow while using the underutilized space in the building.

“Over the years the property has undergone various improvements under new management. Previous work has improved the condition and overall aesthetic appearance of this Grade II listed building, while increasing footfall and business through upgrades.

“Due to COVID-19, the candidate seeks to maximize the potential of the site and increase the capacity of external seats. Outdoor seating has been very important in recent months for some hotel companies, as it is essential to review the overall capacity and availability of these in the event that such restrictions are reintroduced.

“The new area will be fully external with retractable awnings, these will provide outdoor seating all year round and provide guests / visitors with a unique experience with a view of the Southport coast.

“The proposed roof terrace has been designed to include a lifting platform, this is something the hotel does not currently have, this will allow the roof terrace to be fully accessible to everyone.

The Bold Hotel was built in 1832 and is listed by historic England as “possibly Southport’s oldest surviving hotel”.

During this time, the station was still relatively young. Originally a collection of fishermen’s houses, the first villas and hotels appeared around 1798. A decade later there were two hotels and three in 1821; by 1825 Lord Street had been developed and was lined with chalets and villas.

The Bold Hotel is likely named after Henry Bold Hoghton, one of the landowners responsible for the initial development of Southport. It was originally the Bold Arms Hotel.

The building that stands today is the product of two main construction phases. The sober neoclassical three-story main block dates from 1832, but a long rear wing leading to Seabank Road probably dates from the 1870s-1880s, when the large two-story bay windows in the facade may also have been used. added. Other additions to the rear probably date from the 1970s.

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