Study Says Massachusetts Second Best Living State in the Country


Massachusetts is the 2sd best state in the country to live according to a new study published on the WalletHub site. WalletHub is a financial services company that used 52 key metrics to benchmark the 50 states against each other to determine the best states to live in the United States. Some of the indicators used according to the report included housing costs, income growth, quality of hospitals and education rates to name a few.

The study methodology used an elaborate point system with sub-categories under the main categories which included; Affordability, economy, education and health, quality of life and safety.

According to the study, the best state to live in the country is New Jersey, followed by Massachusetts, New York, Idaho and Minnesota, which round out the top 5. Mass is ranked 45e in affordability… 12e in economics… 1st in education and health… 5e in quality of life … and 5e Safe.

Massachusetts’ total score was 62.60 according to the WalletHub survey, a few steps from 1st spot New Jersey who finished with a final score of 63.01. Some of the subcategories that helped make Mass the second best state to live in was the state’s # 1 ranking for highest percentage rate insured and a 5e ranking for the lowest average weekly working hours.

Regarding the other New England states, New Hampshire had the second best performance in the country placing 8e overall… Vermont placed 11e… Maine 18e… Connecticut 22sd… and Rhode Island takes the lead in New England by placing 36e globally.

The states that finished at the bottom of the list are South Carolina at 46 … Mississippi at 47e… Louisiana at 48e… Alaska at 49… and New Mexico brings up the rear at 50e better condition to live.

Click here to view the full survey.

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