Suspect arrested for setting fire to historic Texarkana house

We all saw the footage of this old, beautiful, historic Texarkana house burst into flames on Sunday. Texarkana Arkansas police have arrested the person they suspect is responsible.

Back on Sunday morning, the old Victorian house known as the Whitmarsh House located at 711 Pecan Street in Texarkana was destroyed by fire. This house was built in 1894. It is even sadder to see that in 1980 the house was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

According to, Cameron Coolidge, 27, was seen entering and leaving the house shortly before the fire started.

In the video below the Texarkana Fire Marshall, Jim Wall says police caught up with Coolidge a few blocks away. Coolidge reportedly said he started the fire and police at the scene said he smelled of smoke. Coolidge was arrested and charged with arson and obstructing government operations.

It is really very sad to see this house set ablaze. I was lucky enough to see the interior a few years ago and the woodwork and craftsmanship in the house was just amazing. they don’t make houses like this anymore and it’s just heartbreaking to see part of Texarkana’s history ignite and vanish in a matter of minutes.

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