The Black Label Society has tracked 30 songs for a new album planned for this year


The Black Label Society followed about 30 new songs as they prepared the 2018 follow-up album. Grimmest Hits.

While the past year has resulted in a lot of downtime for each band, as tours have been halted due to the pandemic, that time was not just spent in slow motion, singer / guitarist Zakk Wylde explained. in a new interview with WRIF from Detroit (transcribed via Blabbermouth).

“During COVID, of course, [we worked on] the None More Black [career retrospective] box set, then we also followed about 30 songs. So we have that, ”he said of how Black Label has budgeted their time over the past year.

“We’re just putting the finishing touches on some stuff right now. We’ll get that under control in a little while. So it’s probably coming out in November,” confirmed Wylde.

Watching an album release in late 2021, the guitar icon also revealed that the band will start touring again in the months leading up to the release of what will be the Black Label Society’s 11th studio album. . Wylde cited the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in August as one of the upcoming concerts, along with other dates in the United States in October and November. Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve shows also appear to be on deck.

“That’s what’s on the agenda right now. I hope everyone gets it and we can all get back to normal again, and we can start touring again,” added Wylde.

He can’t wait to get back on the road, but expressed his gratitude for this unprecedented time away from the road and is grateful for the other opportunities it has given him in his personal life.

“For over 20 years, the longest I’ve been at home has probably been two weeks. So the COVID break, I enjoyed spending time with the kids. And I wouldn’t trade my situation for nothing, he said, continuing, “I love touring. I love rolling out and seeing our Black Label family everywhere, riding with Ozz, then my ‘Gen Ax’ brothers, and then when we do the ‘Experience Hendrix’ thing. am still touring. “

“Once the grind starts again, I think a lot of people are going to say, ‘Wow. Do you remember 2020? It was pretty cool. “I say it like that, [it’s nice] be home with your family and before the grind starts again and there is no more break. I enjoy every second until we start to ride, ”he offered.

Grimmest Hits, Black Label Society’s latest feature, was released in 2018, with the singles “Tramped Down Below”, “All That Once Shined” and “Room of Nightmares”.

None More Black, a Black Label Society career retrospective set featuring all 10 studio records, two bonus albums and a host of bonus tracks, was released earlier this year. Get more information about the set here.

Zakk Wylde interviewed by WRIF

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