The Hoodoo Mural Festival takes place on October 2 in downtown Amarillo

The Hoodoo Mural Festival is one of my favorite festivals in Amarillo. The artwork is amazing. The artists all have a crazy talent. The festival goes a long way in adding personality and beauty to the downtown core, and it’s happening on October 2nd.

What is the Hoodoo Mural Festival

The Hoodoo Mural Festival takes months. It all starts with the application process. The application period this year seemed to go pretty quickly. On social media, the organizers even mentioned that they had received tons of entries and were able to fill the festival fairly quickly.

From there he moved on to planning and finally painting the murals. Once done, it’s party time.

Who attends the Hoodoo Mural Festival

To be poetic, the whole town of Amarillo. To be more precise, artists from everywhere. They come from as far as just outside of Portland. Also, these artists are mostly wall artists. They know how to make the most of their space.

What the murals look like

The murals are as unique as the artists themselves. Themes, messages and styles all vary from mural to mural. This is what makes the Hoodoo Mural Festival so fun. When you step outside to look at all the murals, you will see a wide variety of amazing artwork.

Where is the Hoodoo Mural Festival

It is the city center. You’ll want to be in Polk on October 2 to get in on the action. There’s even a silent disco going on.

You can find out more by following this link to their Facebook page, or follow this link to their website for more information on artists, cards and tickets.

The incredible street art that you will find hidden around Amarillo

Amarillo is full of stunningly beautiful works of art in the most unlikely places. Discover our collection of hidden gems that you will find in town. Some you will recognize from downtown and others you may have to go hunting.

Places to take photos in Amarillo

Untouched by Time: Historic Polk Street Homes Then and Now

You know you’ve entered the historic district of Amarillo once you’ve taken the red brick roads downtown. A unique reflection of the past and the present, the historic homes of Amarillo seem to sit perfectly against the sidewalk.

These carefully designed grand historic houses are some of Amarillo’s finest neighborhoods. But most residents will agree that nothing beats the stunning regal beauty of the grand mansions of Polk Street. Built by Amarillo’s founding fathers, the impending estates of South Polk are a sight to behold.

Check out these awesome comparison photos that show how these magnificent structures have remained almost untouched through time.

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