The top 10 cryptocurrencies to watch in 2022


Every month, more and more developers are releasing their own crypto coins, while established coins rise in value. There are now thousands of crypto coins out there, and many of them have a bright future in the market. In 2022, we might see some coins continue to rise, or even hit their all-time high. So what parts should you be looking for in 2022 and why?


Arcane Tokens website homepage

The Arcane token, known as ARCANE, is a new face in the crypto market, having only been released in November 2021. However, it has seen an exciting increase in popularity since then, achieving a 24 hour trading volume of $ 636,000 and a diluted market capitalization. over $ 1.3 million in less than a month. Compared to other cryptocurrencies, you could definitely call these numbers small, but it’s important to consider ARCANE’s infancy in the market.

ARCANE experienced its heyday during its initial release, a common phenomenon in the crypto industry. But it still holds a solid place in the market and is on the rise again. Given its past swings, it looks like people are still interested in ARCANE, and we might see it take a bigger place in the crypto market in 2022.

Additionally, the platform focuses on investing in interesting DeFi projects and applies to be listed in the United States on the OTCQB, a mid-tier stock market that lists relatively young American companies. If successful, this could be an exciting development for ARCANE and could further increase the value of their coin.

2. Chiliz

home page of the chiliz website

The Chiliz coin (CHZ) has been around for almost a year now and has done quite well since its release, with a current market cap of over $ 2.6 billion and a 24-hour trading volume of around $ 317 million.


As with every piece, Chiliz has had its share of ups and downs. However, it currently sits comfortably at number 67 in the cryptocurrency rankings and may continue to move up the ranks throughout 2022.

It should also be noted that the Chiliz scholarship itself is also the world’s first symbolic sports scholarship. So check out their trading platform if you are interested in trading tokens directly associated with real sports teams. It’s a fairly new idea with a bright future.

3. Elrond

elrond coin homepage

Since entering the crypto market in September 2020, Elrond has seen peaks and lows. But its price rose steadily throughout 2021, peaking at $ 490 in November 2021.

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Although its value has declined slightly since then, it is still doing well in the market, with a 24-hour trading volume of nearly $ 300 million and a market cap of over $ 7.7 billion. It certainly looks like Elrond will continue to grow in prevalence in the crypto world, and he might even surpass his current position of number 27 in the rankings.

Elrond is also supported by Maiar, a popular crypto wallet and staking app. You can earn Elrond using Maiar by staking it through a wide range of vendors, where you can earn solid rewards.

4. Solana

solana website home page

Solana, or SOL, is a fairly big name in the crypto game, currently ranking fifth in the crypto league, alongside industry giants like Bitcoin and Ethereum. It has an impressive 24-hour trading volume of over $ 3 billion and a market cap of around $ 6.8 billion. He’s a key player, to say the least, and things seem to be getting better and better for this promising crypto coin.

Solana hit a low of around $ 185 in late November 2021, but is now experiencing another significant price hike. With its long standing position in the crypto market, it is safe to say that we will continue to hear about this leading coin in 2022.

If you’re interested in Solana, it’s also worth checking out the wide range of DeFi projects they support, as well as the Rust modules they offer for beginners and the funding cycles they contribute to. The company is very clearly committed to supporting viable projects and developers, which could bring them even more success in the near future.

5. Earth

terra coin home page

Terra was founded in 2018 and launched its crypto coin, known as LUNA, on the market in the spring of 2019. Since then, it has managed to create a sensation in the crypto industry, with a current market cap of over $ 52 billion and a 24-hourly trading volume of approximately $ 23.5 billion.

At one point, LUNA saw an impressive increase in value from $ 38 to $ 61 in the span of about a week. Of course, there’s no sure way to know what its price will look like in a few months, and Terra has seen some nasty drops throughout 2020 and 2021, but its past and present trajectory is looking very good.

LUNA was also recently adopted by the crypto exchange Injective and is now supported by Stader Labs for liquid staking. This continued expansion and diversification of LUNA makes it a promising cryptocurrency for years to come.

6. Avalanche

Avalanche Parts website homepage

Avalanche, or AVAX, has been doing quite well in the crypto market recently, with prices rising nearly 200% between September and December 2021. At the same time, its market capitalization has reached over $ 28 billion and a daily trading volume of over $ 1.7 billion.

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The creators of AVAX are also now working on developing its own network of DApps and DeFi, as well as some exciting integrations with a few Ethereum-based projects. So keep an eye out for other developments besides the coin itself in 2022.

7. Ethereum

home page of the ethereum site

If you are interested in cryptocurrency, you have certainly heard of Ethereum. Behind Bitcoin, it is currently the most popular and valuable coin on the market (although there is a considerable price difference between the two). And things continue to improve for ETH, with its price increasing dramatically by almost 800% in 2021 alone.

Ethereum’s market cap is also quite astonishing, currently standing at around $ 562 billion and increasing day by day. It has an equally commendable 24-hour trading volume of nearly $ 30 billion. In short, Ethereum continues to rise and is definitely one to watch in 2022.

Additionally, Ethereum is currently developing ETH 2.0, an update to the original blockchain that can provide more efficient and environmentally friendly transactions. This is great news for Ethereum and the crypto market as a whole and makes Ethereum a solid option for those who want to get involved in crypto without doing too much damage to the planet.

9. Decentralization

screenshot of the decentraland site home page

Decentraland is a pretty interesting platform that differs from a lot of others you will see in the blockchain arena. The players in this 3D virtual world rely on crypto assets to buy or sell land and items. And, this platform has developed its own coin, known as MANA.

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MANA has been around for a few years now. It was originally launched in the crypto market in 2017 and didn’t see any significant price increases until 2021 (which makes sense, given the huge increase in crypto popularity over the year. elapsed). It has a current daily trading volume of over $ 1.7 billion and a market cap of around $ 8.2 billion. Its intriguing VR platform and well-established coin make it an interesting cryptocurrency to watch in 2022.

10. KuCoin Token

screenshot of kucoin website homepage

KuCoin is known more for its huge global cryptocurrency exchange than its own coin. The KuCoin exchange is currently one of the largest in the world, but its currency, the KuCoin Token, is now doing quite well.

KuCoin Token has been around since 2017, before its exchange took off. However, it took some time for the coin to experience a steady increase in value. In February 2021, this increase started and the price of KuCoin Token increased by more than 2000%. Along with this, its market capitalization has grown significantly and now stands at around $ 2.2 billion. In short, it’s a promising crypto coin backed by a reputable company, making it an interesting watch for 2022.

KuCoin strives to spread its token, with giveaways on its Twitter and an ever-growing number of trading pairs integrating KuCoin Token on a number of exchanges.

The crypto market is full of potential

One of the most notable characteristics of the cryptocurrency industry is its unpredictability. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The constant ups and downs of the crypto world make it incredibly intriguing, and its ability to make people millionaires overnight gives it its true appeal. While it’s hard to know where a coin will go, it’s always worth keeping an eye out for a few promising ones as 2022 approaches.

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