Ukraine’s latest war: Ukraine accuses Russia of attacking a residential building in northern Kyiv

Britain’s health secretary has declared the bombing of a hospital in Mariupol a war crime, as the Russian military offensive closes in on NATO territory.

Last week, Ukraine accused Russian forces of violating a ceasefire and destroying a hospital in the besieged city of Mariupol.

“It’s a war crime because under international law you can’t attack health facilities,” Sajid Javid told Sky News on Monday. “The World Health Organization . . .[has]documented evidence of at least 31 such attacks.

“Including [the] bombardment, a few days ago, [of] a cancer hospital,” he added.

Russian forces attacked a Ukrainian military base near the Polish border on Sunday, bringing the military assault within 10 miles of NATO territory.

“We were very clear, even before the start of the war, if there was an attack on a NATO country, even if a single tip from a Russian soldier enters NATO territory, then it will be war with NATO,” Javid said. .

“That hasn’t changed throughout this conflict,” he added.

Elsewhere, the UK government has announced it will provide energy support to Ukraine by donating 500 mobile generators.

The generators were requested by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and the country’s ambassador to the UK, Whitehall said.

“We will now send generators to ease the hardship caused by the current power cuts and help maintain vital services so that the people of Ukraine can continue to defend their country,” British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in a statement on Monday. .

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