Watch Eddie Van Halen Riff in ‘Amsterdam’ Years Before Its Release


A newly discovered video shows Eddie Van Halen at his 5150 Studios in the mid-1980s working on the guitar parts for Van Halen’s “Amsterdam”, a song that would not emerge publicly until years later on the album. from the rock group from 1995, Balanced.

Shared by fan site Van Halen Brazil on Sunday, June 6, the clip joins another rare Van Halen video that recently surfaced. On the same day, previously unseen 1981 footage of the group performing in a prehistoric-themed Italian park among large dinosaur sculptures finally ended long-standing questions from VH fans about this bizarre concert, which was until ‘now remained a mysterious performance only documented in Photos.

A few years later, Eddie was in his home studio, preparing a riff – something that was certainly not uncommon around compound 5150. Watch the video of EVH hammering “Amsterdam” in the studio towards the bottom of this article.

“Never seen footage of Eddie Van Halen playing the song ‘Amsterdam’ before [in] 5150 Studios, ”explains an intro at the top of the clip. “We are in 1985, ten years before the official release of the song on Balanced. “

However, the exact year in which the video was shot is disputed. While Van Halen Brazil set the footage to 1985, Ultimate Classic Rock assumed it was more likely a late 86 or 87 moment, based on Eddie’s hairstyle and the “Team Jams” jersey. National Champs 1986 “he wears.

Either way, the footage once again proves Eddie’s hard work ethic in the recording studio, especially when it came to writing memorable guitar riffs. On top of that, it serves as a bittersweet reminder of the tremendous talent we lost when Van Halen’s guitarist passed away last year at the age of 65, his death signifying the end of the influential band. rock.

Wolfgang Van Halen, Eddie’s 30-year-old son and former Van Halen bassist, currently carries the rock torch with his own outfit, Mammoth WVH. The first LP of the formation comes out this Friday, June 11.

Eddie Van Halen working on “Amsterdam” in his 5150 studios in the mid-1980s

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