Who made up the 16 million guitar learners over the past 2 years

The pandemic has given us all a little more time at home and many Americans, about 16 million Americans according to a new study by Fender, used some of that time to pick up and finally learn to play the guitar. guitar. But who are these new players and where will they learn to play? The guitar company has now shared some data to better identify who the new generation of guitarists are.

The study was originally commissioned by the Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC) in coordination with YouGov® and the study found that seven percent of the US population aged 13 to 64 started playing within the past two years. Of those, 62% cited the COVID-19 lockdown as a major motivator in their decision to pick up the guitar. In total, more than 10,000 people were interviewed to better understand the needs and desires of the budding guitarist.

According to the New Guitar Player Landscape Analysis, 72% of new guitar players are between the ages of 13 and 34. And among these, the majority of respondents had played another instrument before guitar, with piano / keyboards and bass being the most popular instruments.

A solid 58% of users actively use TikTok every week to find and consume guitar content. Family also plays a role in those looking for the guitar, with 33 percent of current beginners having a family member who has owned a guitar.

The study also showed a change in motivation to play, with 67% of players having full-time careers and viewing the guitar more as a hobby than a passion.

When it comes to how new players perceive themselves, black women, teens, adults 40+, and newbie players all rank as “self-improvement” when it comes to their game. 53% of beginners spend two hours or less practicing per week, but on average, they think that practicing four hours per week for one or two years will allow them to “get good” at the guitar. And the survey found that those who aspire to play the guitar see a lot more obstacles than those who have already started playing. Another issue for the beginning guitarist is the time it takes to learn and grow as a player with 17% of them believing that a reward opportunity would help build their interest.

And finally, of the 16 million new players, roughly one in four has stalled in their progress, showing that a lifelong learning support system is crucial to maintaining player interest.

Fender has since taken the data and applied it to their existing programs which have been dedicated to supporting new players.

“The pandemic has rapidly accelerated the already healthy growth of beginning guitarists and we have accelerated our investment in tools to support them,” said Andy Mooney, CEO of Fender. “Our suite of beginner tools allows new players to enjoy the process of learning the music they love and maybe creating music we all love.”

The Fender Play Foundation â„¢ has been working with Los Angeles Unified, the 2nd largest school district in the United States since 2020 to expand music education programs in their schools and hopes to expand to school districts across the country in the years to to come.

Realizing that younger people are also discovering their music and hobbies digitally, Fender joined TikTok last month, with #Fender and #GuitarTok accounts quickly gaining audiences.

They also launched their Beginner’s Hub which helps demystify what can be intimidating in acquiring a new instrument and the Fender Play® online learning app helping guide players through guitar lessons, bass and ukulele. Artists from various genres also joined us to provide a first-person preview.

The Hub also helps you take the first steps, starting with a Find Your Fender quiz that will help you match your tastes and aesthetic interests to suggest the perfect instrument for learning. There are also organized packages for Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Bass and Ukulele, also depending on skill level.

So, with a resurgence of interest in the guitar over the past couple of years, Fender’s Beginner’s Hub removes some of the barriers early in practicing and allows those who do to maintain their interest and get things done.

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