Will “relaxed” crowd limits help local TC events?


Following the announcement that Governor Inslee has “approved” new changes to events, especially outside, we see that there really isn’t a huge difference.

As part of Phase 3, and towards what is known as the full “reopening” of the state of WA from June 30 to July 1, new guidelines have been announced.

What the state calls “spectator events” can now increase their venue capacity to 50%, but overall limits are still stuck on 9,000 people. This is why the Tri City Water Follies will sell 18,000 tickets for the next boat races, 9,000 per shore. We still don’t know why they’re stuck on 9,000.

A few other remarks also, the maximum “group” of tickets that can be purchased for a person or a group is 15, no social distancing is expected within a group.

These new guidelines also require social distancing between these groups, so basically you will have “points” of people (up to 15) at various events.

Another change, which we found interesting. The requirement of separate entries and exits for the vaccinated and non-vaccinated during these events “is withdrawn“According to Inslee information released Wednesday evening.

IF you’ve followed what it refers to, there is its “perks program” (special access to events for vaccinated people, encouraging companies to give “prizes” to vaccinated people, etc.), there has had more and more discussions and claims it is discriminatory.

We have already reported many examples of how separating vaccinated and unvaccinated people creates discriminatory environments.

Interestingly, the state has now abandoned separate entry-exit requirements. Maybe realizing legally that they could fit into Pandora’s Box? We will see.

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